Contemporary art meets social justice


RedLine is committed to creating equal access to the arts for under-resourced populations. With their partners, artists, and community, the gallery ensures that art remains accessible and informed by today’s social issues.

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Trajectory of collaboration

The Sabrina Merage Foundation has been instrumental in supporting RedLine's ability to bring together socially engaged artists. We've worked together over the years to collaborate, create, and share ideas in an inclusive community through Open Studio spaces.


As an early funder, we are honored to see RedLine flourish as they continue to build momentum from their 10th Anniversary in 2018. This past year, RedLine saw an increase in partnerships and programs across the country to support Reach Studio artists to sell their work through commercial licensing and redistribution.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

RedLine has fostered community engagement and education through art in order to create positive social change. The Sabrina Merage Foundation is a supporter of RedLine’s Reach Studio program, which provides an opportunity for socially engaged artists to collaborate, create, and share ideas in an inclusive community.


Create programs that incubate resident artists through an in-depth, two-year residency program that includes free studio space, community engagement opportunities, and professional development.


Display art and further arts education through a lens of social issues, to ensure equitable access to the arts for under-resourced populations by working to fulfill a vision of empowering everyone to create social change through art.


Fosters education and engagement between artists and communities to create positive social change

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This is just one of many collaborations that we are very proud of. Our work spans race and religion, geography and gender. Take a look.

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