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VoyageLA profiles Sabrina Merage Naim

as a philanthropist and venture capitalist.


more about Sabrina Merage Naim.

What does it take?

100 ways to drive social impact


Sabrina Merage Naim and Laura Merage join 18 others in Buzzfeed to share 100 ways to leave a social impact legacy.

Generational Philanthropy

What does it mean to leave a legacy that comes from a passion perspective, rather than from a duty-bound perspective?


to Sabrina Merage Naim and her mother, Laura Merage, in conversation with Lori Kranczer on the Positive Impact Philanthropy Podcast.

Sabrina and Laura Merage

Laura Merage and Sabrina Merage Naim discuss how they approach philanthropy, art, and change-making.


about how the mother-daughter duo view philanthropy.

Black Cube

An 8-foot-tall bronze plaque on a hill in Pittsburg, PA and the ways in which Lenka Clayton and Phillip Andrew Lewis, the first named Sabrina Merage Foundation Artist Fellows with Black Cube, encouraged us to think differently about how and by whom history is told.


what the first Sabrina Merage Foundation Artist Fellows created.

Spotlight: Sabrina Merage Naim

Read an interview with our Founder, Sabrina Merage Naim. This is the story of the meaning behind philanthropy and forward-thinking business leadership.


about venture capital informing Sabrina's take on philanthropy.

Care for all Children

Our partners at David and Laura Merage Foundation have launched a campaign to address affordable childcare. This is the story behind the childcare crisis in America.


why quality childcare creates healthier, better educated, and happier children.

Film as a Tool for Change

We believe that media plays a critical role in shaping discourse, engaging audiences, and effecting progress. That's why we're thinking outside the box to invest in film as a tool to build community across cultures. Refuge is the first of many collaborations in the film industry.