How we work

Building bridges between diverse societies

Partnership model

We move the needle toward inclusivity, to create systemic shifts through collaborations, education, dialogue, and community activism. To that end, we bring years of experience in qualitative and quantitative measurement and support our partners to monitor the effectiveness of their efforts and adjust their strategies for greater impact.

We are invigorated by innovation. We’ve refined a model that develops creative solutions to long-standing social issues by empowering local leaders to create change. Our partners are testing new solutions, exploring new mediums, and looking through new lenses to overcome inequity. Going beyond grant making, we provide expertise and resources to elevate their impact.

Areas of Impact

We exist to build bridges between diverse societies. The foundation invests collaboratively with partner organizations to create stronger, more informed communities, facilitating the acceptance of diversity in all individuals. Large and small, domestic and international, our partners are working to create change in the following ways.

Building Community

We believe in the power of community. By investing in leaders who are bringing people together and creating collaborative communities, we can support each other in creating a better future.

Driving Diversity

We believe in celebrating individuals while developing a strong foundation of camaraderie by supporting social change-makers who are building bridges across diverse societies.

Empowering Women

We believe in promoting gender equality and looking for opportunities to elevate women as innovators, change-makers, and leaders.

Our Partners

Our partners are as diverse as the problems they are solving, the communities they are working within, and the innovative solutions they are bringing to the table. Our effectiveness lies in the inclusivity of our approach.

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