Embracing the diversity of all individuals

Our story

Since 2008, the Sabrina Merage Foundation has been partnering with organizations, initiatives, individuals, and campaigns to spark inclusivity among diverse cultures. We are an impact-driven and results-oriented organization that seeks to create grassroots, social movements that achieve real, tangible change. Together we can shift political, social, and educational dialogue toward inclusivity and solidarity, toward strong and vibrant cultures that embrace the diversity of all individuals. We invest our time, talent, energy, and resources in realizing this goal.

Sabrina Merage Naim


Sabrina Merage Naim is passionate about promoting tolerance and inclusivity between religious, cultural, racial, and ethnic communities. She founded the Sabrina Merage Foundation in 2008 with the intention of building bridges between diverse societies through educational programs for young people. Sabrina focuses much of her philanthropic efforts on uniting communities and paving the way for individuals from diverse backgrounds to connect, teach, and learn from one another. Sabrina is also the founder of Echo Capital Group, a venture capital firm focused on early stage investments in consumer product companies founded by young, driven entrepreneurs who are developing exciting concepts for the uniquely individual Millennial demographic.

Sue Renner

Vice President of Philanthropy

Sue oversees the grant making and operations for the Merage Foundations, a consortium of eight foundations and nonprofits representing three generations of the Merage family. With a focus on venture philanthropy, Sue provides strategic oversight for the Equitas Project, a non-partisan organization whose mission is to disentangle mental health from the criminal justice system; Black Cube, a nomadic, contemporary art museum that advances artists’ self-sufficiency; Early Learning Ventures (ELV), a nonprofit whose mission is to provide tools and resources that allow child care providers to streamline their business operations, resulting in more time and money to care for and educate our youngest learners; and Merage Foundation Israel, focused on fostering prosperity and well-being throughout the state of Israel.

Catharina Hughey

Operations Specialist

Catharina oversees the program operations for a consortium of 4 foundations to provide grantmaking and funding opportunities for breakthrough social innovations that have the potential for scale and sustainability. By developing and maintaining global networks and relationships with internal and external partners the foundations advance, bold, creative solutions for some of the world's most pressing issues. Prior to joining the Sabrina Merage Foundation, Cat worked with Metro Caring and the Burnes Center on Poverty and Homelessness promoting social justice, diversity, and ensuring that innovative design theory and data are central to the narrative for positive change.

Katie Lunde

Culture & Communications Strategist

Katie oversees all strategic communication efforts for the Merage Foundations to elevate the great work of the organization and its partners. Katie likewise nurtures the internal culture of the Merage Foundations, Early Learning Ventures, the Equitas Project, and Black Cube to support a positive working environment for all associates. Katie has more than 10 years in nonprofit and organizational development experience.

Merage Foundation Network

Sabrina Merage Foundation is part of a philanthropic consortium, representing three generations of the Merage family, promoting self-sufficiency through early childhood education, contemporary arts, and community development in the U.S. and abroad.

Care For All Children Campaign

The David and Laura Merage Foundation believes that every child deserves access to high-quality, affordable child care. It's time politicians cared as much as parents do. Visit the website to learn more.

Care for all Children