Moishe House

Sustaining vibrant Jewish life for young adults

Moishe House

Moishe House remains committed to sustaining vibrant Jewish life for young adults in their 20s around the world. Today, the organization supports 39 Moishe Houses and 3 Moishe Pods outside of North America, with a global presence of 124 combined Moishe Houses and Moishe Pods in 27 countries on six continents.

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Trajectory of collaboration

The Sabrina Merage Foundation has served a visionary role in helping establish and sustain the Moishe House International Fund (MHIF), which helps ensure that Jewish young adults outside of North America have the training, resources and professional guidance to deepen their connections to their heritage while opening pathways to Jewish living for their peers. MHIF empowers Jewish leaders around the world.


MHIF is a critical component in the ability to expand internationally and support houses and programs abroad. In 2019, MHIF raised $700K to support Moishe House’s work outside of North America. SMF is proud of the many accomplishments and communities bolstered by this fund and we are honored to help support their success.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

The Sabrina Merage Foundation works closely with Moishe House’s international team to help impact more lives across the globe. The Moishe House International Fund was developed to create a stronger presence in these global communities in order to expand their work to new markets, deepen our programming, and activities in the markets we currently serve, and develop new local donor relationships.


Create programs and sustain local Jewish life, with the help and guidance of Moishe House staff.


Cultivate pluralistic communities of Jewish learning and expression where all are welcome.


Establish places to be proud and confident Jews in the face of growing anti-Jewish and anti-Israel sentiment.

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