Black Cube

Art that encourages inclusivity

Sabrina Merage Foundation Artist Fellowship

The Sabrina Merage Foundation has partnered with Black Cube, a nomadic contemporary art museum, to create the first named Artist Fellowship. This named fellowship focuses on artists who are exploring the expansive area of diversity and inclusivity, which aligns with the Sabrina Merage Foundation mission.

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Artist Fellowship

By supporting the diversity of artists and communities that contemporary artwork touches, the Sabrina Merage Foundation Artist Fellowship seeks to encourage an inclusive culture. The fellowship guides artists through the production of an ambitious, new, site-specific artwork.

The Fellows

The Sabrina Merage Foundation Artist Fellows include Lenka Clayton and Philip Andrew Lewis.  The two artists will be working collaboratively for their fellowship to create a site-specific artwork that embodies universal perspectives.

Courtesy of the artists Lenka Clayton & Philip Andrew Lewis