An unlikely friendship during a nation's identity crisis

Clarkston Film

CLARKSTON is the story of a Muslim refugee and a former Klansman whose only commonality is being the target of blame in a polarized America. Set to the backdrop of two towns separated by 100 miles and warring ideologies, the film uncovers what is possible when we leave the security of our tribes and what is at stake for our country if we don’t.

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Trajectory of collaboration

The Sabrina Merage Foundation is an executive producer of this documentary and will continue to support the film’s framework to create a dynamic Impact and Education Campaign.


The release of Clarkston is anticipated for spring of 2020. The intended impact is to create a deeper understanding and understanding among all people. Make sure to check back in with us!

Impact Metrics

Clarkston is developing an Impact and Education Campaign on the heels of the film release in order to see real, on the ground impact in our communities, country, and world. By creating interactive ways for the audience to serve the community, hold meaningful dialogue, and learn how to be more inclusive in their communities, Clarkston hopes to encourage lasting support for America’s refugee communities, US military veterans, and interfaith, intercultural, and interethnic cooperation.


The number of Americans in hate groups have grown 20% in the last three years.


Over 25 million refugees in the world today.


93% of Americans said they are tired of how divided we have become as a country.

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