We Are Proud To Highlight Our Featured Partner - Building BridgesBuilding Bridges

Building Bridges (formerly Seeking Common Ground) is a nonprofit, non-partisan organization based in Denver, Colorado.

Building Bridges addresses the root causes of hatred, discrimination, and violent conflict by connecting individuals face to face to those they have been taught to fear and mistrust. The organization’s programs offer participants a safe space in which they can develop personal relationships based on empathy and respect. Together, they learn to see the humanity in those they thought were different from themselves, and they acquire the communication and leadership skills necessary to work towards more just, inclusive societies.

With seed funding from the Sabrina Merage Foundation, Building Bridges has launched extensive alumni programming for participants of its flagship program. The Alumni in Action Association is at the heart of program expansion from a one-year to a multi-year initiative that gives participants highly developed tools to be agents of change in their communities.

Alumni play a key role in advancing peacebuilding on the ground; they provide more support to new teenage participants and implement new mentoring programs for Israeli and Palestinian youth.

In addition to the vital work of furthering peacebuilding on the ground in the Middle East, alumni are playing a key role in mentoring new participants, staffing programs, and reaching out to the American, Israeli and Palestinian public as the “face” of Building Bridges.

Alumni have also helped to develop a filmmaking institute, in which participants learn to use film as a tool for cross-community work and getting the program's message out more broadly.

Building  Bridges is a research based organization, with best practices developed over nearly 20 years of programming, evaluation, and follow-up.

The growth of Building Bridge's Alumni in Action program supports the professional development of young people who wish to devote their lives to cross-community work.


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