We Are Proud To Highlight Our Featured Partner - Warm Cookies of the Revolution

The world’s very first and only Civic Health Club, Warm Cookies of the Revolution, makes the questions “What do we want?” and “How do we get there?” engaging, collaborative, and fun.  By creating cultural programs that engage attendees in civic life, Warm Cookies of the Revolution drives home the idea that the more we participate in vital issues like Good Governance, Family, and Work/Life Balance, the more power we have over decisions that affect our lives.

Warm Cookies of the Revolution made a name for themselves with innovative programming like the following:

  • Civic Stitch ‘N Bitch, which combines your favorite hand-occupying activity with a group, civic discussion (with cookies!).
  • Bring Your Government, attended by elected officials and their constituents, is an event where attendees discuss issues important to them while building a LEGO city—literally and figuratively manifesting the communities they want to live in.
  • The Huddle, where pro sports games are paired with timely and relevant issues, like wages for NCAA players, the economics of stadium-building, and the implications and responsibilities of living in a pro league sports city.

But what began in the McNichols Building in downtown Denver has, over the past year, spread to every corner of Metro Denver by way of The Stompin’ Ground Games, a year-long neighborhood Olympics best low interest personal loans where arts, culture, and history collide in the name of civic pride, proactive change, and empowerment. Neighborhoods included Central Denver, La-Alma/Lincoln Park, Montbello, and many others. In fact, the efforts of Warm Cookies of the Revolution and The Stompin’ Ground Games have spun off independent community groups who have committed to moving the conversations forward, and scaling grassroots engagement across Denver.

The Sabrina Merage Foundation partnered with Warm Cookies cheapest secured loans of the Revolution in May of 2015 to co-sponsor one of their signature events, Soup & Dreams, scaling the event and its impact.  The event brought several community non-profit organizations together to pitch each other while attendees enjoyed spoken word, musical performances, and cultural entertainment from local groups. Additionally, local restaurant and food-makers were invited to provide various ethnic soups for attendees to enjoy.  All proceeds were split between the community non-profits organizations. For an amazing video recap of the event narrated by Warm mobile home park financing Cookies of the Revolution Founder, Evan Weissman, follow this link: https://vimeo.com/132257949