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Sabrina Merage Featured Alongside Other Millennials in New JDC Global Leaders Initiative

Posted on: 13-05-2016

In an article published by eJewish Philanthropy, JDC’s new Global Leaders Initiative, where 15 young adults in their 20s and 30s will join the board as full members, is highlighted as an innovative engagement and insight opportunity.
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The Sabrina Merage Foundation Supports Campaign to Send a Jewish Student in Cuba to Sunday School

Posted on: 24-03-2016

Several years ago, Sabrina Merage traveled to Cuba with JDC Entwine, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee’s (JDC) young adult engagement platform. The trip had a profound impact on her, and expanded her knowledge of Jewish children who live in Cuba. Now, many years later, she is joining forces with fellow Inside Jewish Cuba alumni, Jay Chernikoff and Jason to help support a Jewish future in Cuba.
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Hand in Hand’s Story Told on Israel’s Channel 2 News

Posted on: 02-02-2016

Hand in Hand, an organization supported by the Sabrina Merage Foundation, was recently featured on Israel’s Channel 2 news.

450,000 households across Israel heard the story of the Max Rayne Hand in Hand Bilingual School in Jerusalem in this Prime Time report. This extraordinary piece features the daily reality of how Hand in Hand students, teachers, and parents study together, work together, deal with conflicts and build friendships that endure.
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Moishe House Supports Victims and Their Families of the Recent Tragedy

Posted on: 24-11-2015

In a message sent this week from Moishe House, the organization details the experiences and support Moishe House Paris gave to its residents when tragedy struck less than 190 meters from the house.
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Hand In Hand is Featured in USA Today Article

Posted on: 03-11-2015

In an article published by USA Today, Hand in Hand (an Israel organization seed funded by the Sabrina Merage Foundation) is featured for its unique model and culture of acceptance and understanding.

The article reads: “Amid ongoing violence between Palestinians and Israelis, a school in this city seems more determined than ever to teach Arab and Jewish children about coexistence. In a sunny playground here just 3 miles south of Tel Aviv, children paint recycled tires in vibrant colors and refurbish wooden furniture to beautify a place that many in the community say is their best chance at a peaceful future.”

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Soup and Dreams Seeks to Maintain Cultural Diversity in the Rapidly Changing Denver Community

Posted on: 28-04-2015

How can we respect and maintain a diversity of cultures in a rapidly changing Denver? And, what can we do to make sure everyone’s voices are heard and a part of decision-making in this community? On May 28, Warm Cookies of the Revolution explores the answers to these challenging questions while integrating delicious soup tastings (from a variety of cultures served by local vendors), entertainment provided by exciting homegrown musicians and poets, as well as resident non-profits that are working to be the voice of the people in an event known as Soup and Dreams.
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Moishe House Global Community Fund Allow “Yes” Answers to International Applications

Posted on: 06-04-2015

When this 22-year-old University student in Amsterdam submitted her video application to Moishe House, she expressed that she wanted to open a new Moishe House in her local community to contribute to the local Jewish community and create a new space and home for people to feel connected and welcome to practice Judaism. Fortunately, due to the creation of the Global Community Fund (supported with matching funds from the Sabrina Merage Foundation), Moishe House was able to say “yes” to her, and plans are currently under way to launch an Amsterdam House.

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Displaced Jews in Ukraine Aided Through Relief Packages

Posted on: 19-03-2015

The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) has significantly expanded its Winter Relief Program in Ukraine this year in response to a harsh winter worsened by the country’s energy crisis, skyrocketing costs, ongoing unrest, and the growing needs of displaced Jews. This necessary increase in resources and supplies for Jewish families in need represents a seven-fold increase in JDC’s Ukraine Winter Relief budget. JDC is currently assisting 2,400 Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) within Ukraine, and numbers are growing as more than 500 new people came to request assistance in January alone – before the conflict reached the current level of crisis.

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Moishe House Expanding Peer-Led Communities for Young Adults, From Asia to Europe to Latin America

Posted on: 17-02-2015

With growing demand from eager 20-somethings passionate about creating Jewish community for their peers, Moishe House is expanding its presence around the world. Due to significant interest from young Jewish communities, Moishe House opened 16 houses last year, including several across Europe and South Africa.
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Sabrina Merage and Spencer Kallick Co-Host Moishe House Parlor Meeting

Posted on: 12-02-2015

On February 4, Sabrina Merage collaborated with fellow Moishe House Board member Spencer Kallick to co-host a Parlor Meeting for Moishe House in Los Angeles. The event attracted more than 30 people who attended to learn more about Moishe House, the growth strategy in Los Angeles (a city that now has 6 Moishe Houses), and the impact of Moishe House communities worldwide.
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