In a message sent this week from Moishe House, the organization details the experiences and support Moishe House Paris gave to its residents when tragedy struck less than 190 meters from the house.

The full letter lenders on line is below.

Dear Friends,

Moishe House Paris reacts to the attacks less than 190 meters from their home by showing support for all the victims of last week’s tragedy and their families. Whether in Belgium, France or Israel, terror knows no boundaries and we, at Moishe House, hope our houses continue to be a safe home for tens of thousands of Jewish young adults around the world to gather, participate and strengthen their Jewish identity in moments of need and distress.

Less than a year ago, the French Jewish community and the entire country was struck by terrible attacks. On Friday, we witnessed terror again, but the words from Donna, a Moishe House Paris resident, are a refreshing call to unity and strength.

“The three of us were singing and dancing at our housemates Aurélie’s wedding (in Tel Aviv) when I received the information that something was happening in the State the France: ‘The president has been evacuated.’

When we left shul, our phones started to ring non-stop, everyone was calling asking if we were safe. When we got home, we noticed why!

It was a war situation in our city, in our district! So we started to call our family, our friends, our community members who lives in the district. Hopefully nobody was hit, at least not directly. Some of them were in bar nearby called “Le Petit Cambodge”. They were stuck inside, and they saw injured people unsecured cash loan coming in the place for protection.

It was a horrible night and nobody was able to sleep because we were all on our phones watching the news and the list of death increasing. We personal home loans spent the rest of our trip all together as we had this deep need to stay with our friends.

We are now back in Paris, in Moishe House, in the 11th arrondissement which had been the scene of this terrible attack. We are back with our family and coworkers. Everybody is still under the shock but determined to fight and most of all to keep the living in a very Parisian way of life. We know that the next days and weeks are going to be tough, but we will definitely overcome terrorism cause nothing is harder than the heart of a Parisian!”


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