On February 4, Sabrina Merage collaborated with fellow Moishe House Board member Spencer Kallick to co-host a Parlor Meeting for Moishe House in Los Angeles. The event attracted more than 30 people who attended to learn more about Moishe House, the growth strategy in Los Angeles (a city that now has 6 Moishe Houses), and the impact of Moishe House communities worldwide.

A combination of current residents, alumni, and participants gave insider insights into how Moishe House has impacted their lives, the programs they offer, and what they love most about it.  Sabrina and Spencer gave their perspectives on Moishe House and discussed how they got involved, while the residents and alumni talked about how they found out about Moishe House and their experiences with the organization.

Moishe House is reliant on the support of local communities, donors, partners, and participants, so the Board Members each agreed to host Parlor Meetings in various cities to help spread the word about the great work of Moishe House.

With growing demand from 20-somethings around the globe that are passionate about creating Jewish community for their peers, Moishe House continues to expand their presence. Due to the significant interest from young Jewish communities, Moishe House opened sixteen houses last year, including several in locations throughout Europe and South Africa. Currently, Moishe House maintains 75 houses in 17 countries involving more money lender online than 5,200 young Jews in year-round programs such as Shabbat dinners, Jewish holiday celebrations, sporting events, book clubs, social events and personal loan california community service.

To find out more about Moishe House and its residents, visit www.moishehouse.org.

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