Warm Cookies of the Revolution is the world’s first “Civic Health Club.” You go to a gym to exercise your physical health, a religious institution to exercise your spiritual health, and a therapist to exercise your mental health. Engage with us to exercise your Civic Health – a measurement of how well we participate in our community as citizens. Are we engaged in the decision making processes? Do we know how to affect change? The Civic Health Club creates cultural cheapest credit programs that engage regular folks in civic life in meaningful, yet fun and exciting ways. We know that vital issues of Good Governance, Environment, Justice, Life-Long Learning, Family, and Work/Life Balance can be accessible and fun, and that the more we participate in these issues, the more power we have over decisions that affect our lives…and we have warm cookies here. Delicious, perfect, warm cookies.

Learn more at www.warmcookiesoftherevolution.org .

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