The Sde Boker Educational Campus project began in July payday loan no credit 2009 with the development of a high school for the Ramat Negev region of Israel. On September 1, 2010, the elementary school was completed and students began their first day at a brand new school.

There are currently 1800 citizens living at the at Ben-Gurion village, where the existing education complex serves 350 children under the age personal micro loans of 18 from Sde Boker. The new “Green Campus” was built using environmentally-friendly techniques including windows built to maximize sunlight and in the direction of the wind. The campus houses 16 classrooms, sport fields, offices, and meeting rooms for the school staff.

The Merage Foundation – Israel believes that education is the basis for success and that it is critical to shaping overall quality of life in the Negev. The Merage Foundation – Israel is investing in the formal education sector to promote academic excellence and the personal empowerment of students and teachers within the Negev’s different cities. Through the support of innovative educational programming and the availability of the most advanced educational facilities, technologies, and methodologies, the Merage Foundation – Israel’s investments are already making a dramatic positive impact on the cities and communities of the Negev.

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