The Sabrina Merage Foundation was established in 2008 with the goal of mitigating anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry that have continued to breed hatred and misunderstanding throughout the world. As the Foundation continues to more clearly identify its areas of influence, three themes have remained relevant throughout this process: education, tolerance and awareness. Through the lens of these three objectives, the organization challenges itself and partners to find uncommon solutions to address the problems of intolerance throughout the world. To this end, the Sabrina Merage Foundation deploys its resources in collaboration with partners to achieve significant results and sustained impact.

As the Sabrina Merage Foundation continues to grow and explore investment opportunities both in the United States and internationally, it will be focused on education loan for ivf as a means to ending] intolerance. Current partnerships with the Student Interfaith Peace Project and MASA Israel further the Foundation’s mission and provide an opportunity for young people of different backgrounds to interact, dialogue and learn from each other. The projects also provide the best hope of changing misperceptions of the ‘other’ and fostering cultural understanding. The Foundation seeks to partner with organizations and initiatives that engage young adults in to borrow money unique ways to encourage religious, ethnic and cultural understanding and acceptance.

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