Who We Support

The Foundation supports non-profit organizations that bring people together to shape stronger, more informed communities and also seeks to end anti-Semitism, racism, sexism and other forms of bigotry that breed hatred and misunderstanding throughout the world.

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Our Work

The Foundation works directly with alliance and leicester loan partner organizations to develop community understanding and support, resulting in a strong foundation of togetherness.

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  • “We are thrilled to have the Sabrina Merage Foundation unsecured credit loan as one of our partners. Your support has helped Hand in Hand to start a new Jewish-Arab preschool in Tel Aviv-Jaffa which is already tripling in size in its second year. As a result, we are bringing together more than 100 families who want to understand each other’s language, culture and perspective. Thank you for helping us pioneer a school that demonstrates the viability of creating a society that is based on inclusiveness, equality and mutual respect." - Shuli Dichter, Executive Director

    Hand in Hand

  • Through the vision and generous support provided from the Sabrina Merage Foundation, Moishe House has been able to launch a Global Community fund. Your support has allowed us to engage more donors and most importantly, better fulfill our mission of building young adult Jewish community around the world. We fully appreciate your level of commitment and through your partnership, we will inspire an even broader base of young adults to create peer-based Jewish communities in the places that need it the most.
    - David Cygielman, Founder and Chief 90 day loan Executive Officer

    Moishe House

  • Thanks in no small part to the generous support from the Sabrina Merage Foundation. Your support has allowed us to launch the Alumni in Action initiative to support the personal and professional development of our graduates who are actively engaged in improving their communities through cross-community work. In the words of one of our graduates, "I realized that no matter where we live or what our religion is, we all share similar hopes; all of us wish to live a peaceful life.” - Jewish Israeli alumna  

    Building Bridges